Class 10 date sheet term 2 subjective exam starting from 26th april –

CBSE has announced the date of Class 10 term 2 board exams earlier. Now CBSE has released the date sheet of the exams. First exam is on 26th April 2022 and the last exam date is 24th may 2022. Here is the date sheet of the main exams date sheet for class 10. You can also download the full date sheet from the link which is below the table.

Class 10 date sheet CBSE Board Exams 2022 Term 2



27 April 2022

English Language and English Literature

5 May 2022

Mathematics Standard and Mathematics Basic

10 May 2022


14 May 2022

Social Science

18 May 2022

Hindi Course A and Hindi Course B

23 May 2022

Computer Applications

24 May 2022

Informatics Practices

Here is the pdf from the official website of cbse : –

Class 10 Term 2 date sheet full pdf

Students should start the preparation now. As very less time is remaining for the exams. Here is some content which can be helpful for the exam preparations for the students.

Class 10 term 2 syllabus

Class 10 Maths Term 2 Extra questions

Class 10 maths chapter 5 Arithmetic progression (AP)

  1. Extra questions – 1
  2. Extra questions – 2

Class 10 Science Chapter 12 Electricity Extra questions

Class 10 Science Chapter 13 Magnetic Effect of electric current Extra questions

Class 10 Science Chapter 15 Our environment Extra questions

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