Class 10 Maths basic paper

       Class 10 Maths Test

Surface area and Volumes

Q- 1 Find the volume of the largest right circular cone that can be cut out of a cube whose edge is 8 cm. Find the formula and its radius and height.

Q- 2 When the hemisphere is surmounted on a cube, cube has the same edge as the diameter of the hemisphere. What will be the formula for the surface area of whole figure?

Q- 3 When two cubes are joined end to end, these cubes have the equal edge ‘s’. Then what will be the solid shape formed and what will be its total surface area formula and dimensions of the solid ?

Q- 4 What will be the surface area formula for the figure in the shape of Capsule. Hemispheres and cylinder have the same radius.

Q- 5 What is the area of sphere with radius (r/4) ?

Q- 6 What is the total surface area of hemisphere ?

Q- 7 Find the Total surface of the solid which has cube and a cone is cut from the cube with the same radius of the cube’s top face.

Q- 8 What is the total surface area of cuboid?

Q- 9 What will be the volume of a box with the shape of cylinder?

Q- 10 What will be surface area of a box with the shape of closed cone?

Q- 11 A tent is in the shape of a cylinder surmounted by a conical top of same diameter. State its surface area of the tent formula.

Q- 12 A tank in the shape of sphere and sphere is connected with neck of cylindrical shape. Find its total capacity of holding water.

Q- 13 I want to paint a solid of shape cylinder and hemisphere on the top of cylinder solid, Find its formula for painting the solid.

Q- 14 find the formula of volume of hemisphere.



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