Class 10 science term 1 answer key 2021-22

Class 10 Science term 1 answer key –

Answer key for the Class 10 Science term 1 is here. As we know, CBSE has started new pattern of board examination. Term -1 will be of MCQ type paper. In which 40 marks will be added to the marks for each of the subject. Our team of has also reviewed the analysis of science exam paper. And also prepared answer key for the students.

Class 10 science paper was having 60 questions in which students should have to attempt 50 questions. Each question is having 0.8 mark. In these 60 questions, first 24 questions were in section A. In which 20 questions have to be attempted. Next 24 questions from section B, from which 20 questions should be attempted. Section C was of case study questions. There were 3 case studies of 12 questions, in which any 10 questions should be attempted.

Answer key for Paper code – 031/2/4

Class 10 science answer key term 1
Class 10 science answer key

Our team has prepared this answer key for our students. We also provide best solutions for these questions.

Class 10 science exam analysis –

Question paper was moderate. Section A was moderate. Some questions were tricky. Some questions of light chapter were tricky. Biology questions were easy. Section B was also easy. Some questions were somehow difficult from physics part. But students can skip those questions as there were the option for attempting only 20 questions. Section C was full of case study based questions. This part was moderate. In students opinion, some questions were difficult. Students have to attempt 10 questions from this section. An average student can score 25-30 marks from this paper.

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