Class 10 science chapter 12 electricity mcqs

Class 10 Electricity mcqs Science NCERT chapter-12

Class 10 Science Chapter 12 Electricity Mcqs

Class 10 Science chapter 12 Electricity chapter is very important for exam point of view. Here is some class 10 electricity mcqs which are important for the preparation of the chapter. Cbse has included this chapter in the term 2 exams syllabus.

Class 10 Science Chapter 12 Electricity mcqs download pdf

Class 10 Science Electricity mcqs online test

Class 10 – Science

Chapter 12 Electricity                                                                 

 MCQs Quiz -1 (1- Mark Questions)

  1.  Q- (1) Write the SI unit of Resistivity-
  2. (a) Ohm                           
  3. (b) Ohm-m²
  4. (c) Ohm-m
  5. (d) none of  these            
  6. Answer – (c) Ohm-m     
  •  Q- (2) A device used to measure electric current –
  • (a) Ammeter
  • (b) Voltmeter
  • (c) Galvanometer
  • (d) None of These  
  • Answer – (a) Ammeter
  •  Q- (3)  A charge contains electrons-
  • (a) 6 x 10^18 electrons
  • (b) 1.6 X 10^(-19)  electrons
  • (c) 1 unit electrons
  • (d) None of these
  • Answer – (b) 1.6 X 10^(-19)  electrons
  • Q- (4) According to Ohm’s law , graph between electric current and potential difference is always –               
  •     (a) A Straight line
  •     (b) A curved line
  •     (c) Circular
  •     (d) None of these
  • Answer – (a) A Straight line
  •  Q- (5)Resistivity of a metallic wire depends on –

(a)    Its length (b)    its shape

(c)    its thickness             (d)    Nature of material

Answer – (d) Nature of material

  • Q- (6) If the current (I) through a resistor is increased by 100% the increased in power dissipation will be (assume temperature remain unchanged) –

    (a)  100% (b)  200%

    (c)  300% (d)  400%

Answer – (c) 300%

  • Q- (7) Work done to move 1 coulomb charge from one point to another point on a

Charged conductor having potential 10 volt is

(a) 1 joule   (b) 10 joule

 (c) zero (d) 100 joule

Answer – (b) 10 joule

Q- (8) Name a device that helps to maintain a potential difference between across a conductor

      (a)  Ammeter (b)  Battery

      (c)  Voltmeter (d)  None of these

Answer – (b) bBattery

Q- (9)Which of the following  terms does not represent electrical power in a circuit ?

  • (a)  I²R (b) IR²
  •  (c)  VI (d) V²/R
  • Answer – (a) I²R

      Q- (10) Drawback of series arrangement of resistance in a circuit –

      (a)  It is easy to diagnose

      (b)  Falling of one resistance will give entire circuit fall

      (c)  It is less power consuming

      (d)   None of these

Answer – (b)  Falling of one resistance will give entire circuit fall

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