Class-6 Changes around us Science Chapter 6 mcq – 1

Here is some mcqs for best preparation of class 6 science exam for the chapter 6 changes around us. This chapter is all about physical changes and chemical changes around us. Many other changes like reversible changes and irreversible changes are also well explained in this chapter. These are the questions based on the ncert class 6 science book.

Class-6 Science Chapter 6 changes around us mcqs

Class-6  Changes around us

Science Chapter – 6

Extra Question -1 (1- Mark Questions)

Q- (1) What is K in MKS measuring system?

(a) Kelvin              (b) Kilogram               (c) Kilometer                     (d) None of these

Ans – (b) Kilogram

Q- (2) The number of grams in 1 quintal is?

(a) 1000 grams           (b) 10000 grams          (c) 100000 grams      (d) None of these

Ans – (c) 100000 grams

Q- (3) Which statement is true?

(a) Growing up of baby to adult is a fast change

(b) Rusting of Iron is a fast change

(c) Weathering is a man made change

(d) All are false

Ans – (d) All are false

Q- (4) Physical change is a change?

(a) Breaking of big stone into small pebbles           (b) Rusting of Iron

(c) Ice to water                                                                      (d) All are correct

Ans – (c) Ice to water

Q- (5) Tsunami is a change –

(a) Chemical change                                       (b) Physical change

(c) Man-made change                                    (d) Undesirable change

Ans – (d) Undesirable change

Q- (6) Bursting of crackers is a change-

(a) Physical change                    (b) Fast change

(c) Slow change                           (d) Chemical and Fast Change

Ans – (d) Chemical and Fast Change

Q- (7) Conversion of milk into curd is a change ?

(a) Physical change                        (b) Slow and chemical change

(c) reversible change                    (d) All of these

Ans – (b) Slow and chemical change

Q- (8) How rubber tire is fixed on wooden wheel ?

(a) By cooling it                                      (b) By Heating it

(c) By Heating and cooling it           (d) You can not

Ans – (c) By heating and cooling it

Q- (9) Burning of candle wick is change –

(a) Physical change                        (b) Chemical change

(c) Reversible change                    (d) Chemical and irreversible change

Ans – (d) Chemical and irreversible change

Q- (10) Rocks are broken into small pebbles by weathering is a change?

(a) Physical change                      (b) Reversible change

(c) Irreversible change               (d) Chemical change

Ans – (c) Irreversible change

Q- (11) Falling of rain and vaporization of water is a change?

(a) Reversible change                            (b) Irreversible change

(c) Man- made change                           (d) Natural and Reversible change

Ans – (d) Natural and Reversible change

Q- (12) Tearing of paper is ?

(a) Reversible change                             (b) Irreversible change

(c) Chemical change                               (d) All are correct

Ans – (a) Irreversible change

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