Lines and angles subjective Class 9 maths chapter 6

Class 9 maths Chapter 6 Lines and angles subjective questions with solutions –

Here is some subjective questions for class 9 maths chapter 6 Lines and Angles. Students will get the better knowledge about the chapter by these questions.

Class 9 – Maths                                                           

Chapter – 6  Lines and Angles

Quiz -5   (1 Mark Questions)

Q- (1) In the figure , In linear pair a-b=80º, find the value of a and b.

Linear pair question

Q- (2) In the figure, if <AOC + <BOD = 70º, Find <COD.

Lines and angles question

Q- (3) In figure <1 = 110º and <8 = 60º. Is l||m ?

Parallel lines and transversal

Q- (4) Ray OE bisects <AOB and OF is the ray opposite OE. Show that <FOB =<FOA.

Linear pair of angles questions

Q- (5) Given that each of the angle AOC and AOB is a right angle. Show that BOC is a line.

Lines and angles questions

Class 9 Maths chapter 6 lines and angles mcqs test.

Q- (6) In the figure, AB and CD are parallel lines. The bisectors of the interior angles on the same side of the transversal EF intersect at P. Prove that <GPH = 90º.

Interior angles on parallel lines

Q- (7) In figure, AB, CD and PQ are three lines concurrent at O. If <AOP = 5y, <QOD = 2y and <BOC = 5y. Find the value of y.

Vertically opposite angles

Q- (8) In figure, three lines p, q, and r are concurrent at O. If a =50º, and b= 90º.find  c,d,e,f ?

Lines and angles subjective questions

Q- (9) In figure, if l||m, find the value of x.

Lines and angles subjective

Q- (10) Find the value of x , if AB||CD

lines and angles subjective

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