Class 9 maths quadrilaterals Chapter 8 extra questions

Class 9 maths quadrilaterals subjective questions

Class 9 – Maths Chapter – 8 Quadrilaterals

Quiz -1 (2 Mark Questions)

Subjective questions

Q- (1) Diagonals AC and BD of a parallelogram intersect at O. If angle BOC = 90º and angle BDC = 50º, then what is angle OAB ?

Q- (2) ABCD is a rhombus such that angle ACB = 40º. Then what is angle ADB?

Q- (3) If the diagonals of a quadrilateral bisect each other, then name the quadrilateral.

Q- (4) In a square ABCD, the diagonals AC and BD bisect at O. Then what type of ∆AOB is ?

Q- (5) The diagonals AC and BD of a parallelogram ABCD intersect each other at the point O. If angle DAC = 32º and angle AOB = 70º, then find angle DBC.

Q- (6) In the adjoining figure, D and E are mid-points of AB and AC respectively. Find the length of DE.

Q- (7) Prove that, the bisector of any consecutive angles of parallelogram intersect at right angle.

Q- (8) In this figure, P is the mid-point of side BC of parallelogram ABCD, such that <1 = <2 (angle 1 and angle 2 are equal). Prove that AD = 2CD.

Q- (9) AD is the median of ∆ABC. E is mid-point of AD. BE produced to meet AC at F. Show that AF = 1/3 of AC.

Q- (10) In figure, D is the mid-point of AB and PC = ½ AP = 3 cm. If AD = DB = 4 cm and DE || BP. Find AE.

Q- (11) In figure, ABCD and PQRB are rectangles where Q is the mid-point of BD. If QR = 5 cm, find the measure of AB.

Q- (12) In a trapezium ABCD, AB|| CD and AD = BC. Prove that <A = <B and <C = <D.

Q- (13) In this figure, ABCD and AEFG are parallelograms. If <C = 60º, find <F and <AGF.


Q- (14) ABCD is a rhombus P,Q,R and S are mid-points of AB, BC, CD and AD respectively. Prove that PQRS is a rectangle.

Q- (15) Let ABC be a right triangle at B. Let D be the mid-point of hypotenuse AC. Prove that AD = BD = CD.





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