Class 9 Science mcqs chapter 6 tissue

Class 9 Science mcqs : Chapter 6 tissue important questions for term 1 exams.

CBSE has introduced new pattern this year for examination for class 9 to 12. According to this term 1 exam will be objective type questions (mcqs) and term 2 exam will be of subjective type questions.

Class 9 Science mcqs

Chapter – 6 Tissues Extra Questions – 1

  • (1)Which tissue in plants is useful for growing tips of stems and roots?
  • (a) Lateral Meristem (b) Apical Meristem
  • (c) Intercalary Meristem (d) None of these
  • Answer – (b) Apical Meristem
  • (2) In aquatic plants, large air cavities are present in parenchyma is called–
  • (a) Sclerenchyma (b) Chlorenchyma
  • (c) Aerenchyma (d) None of these
  • Answer – (c) Aerenchyma
  • (3) Which permanent tissue provides flexibility to the plant?
  • (a) Collenchyma (b) Parenchyma
  • (c) Sclerenchyma (d) None of these
  • Answer – (a) Collenchyma
  • (4) Husk of Coconut is made up of?
  • (a) Parenchyma (b) Sclerenchyma
  • (c) Collenchyma (d) None of these
  • Answer – (b) Sclerenchyma
  • (5) Stomata are enclosed by two kidney-shaped cells called?
  • (a) Guard cells (b) Connective cells
  • (c) Blood cells (d)Nerve cells
  • Answer – (a) Guard cells
  • (6) Epidermal cells have chemicals in their walls for making them impervious to gases and water, these chemicals are called?
  • (a) Cutin (b) Chlorophyll
  • (c) Suberin (d) None of these
  • Answer – (c) Suberin
  • (7) A chemical substance which acts as cement and hardens the surface of plant –
  • (a) Cutin (b) Cell membrane
  • (c) Lignin (d) None of these
  • Answer – (c) Lignin
  • (8) The process in which loss of water in the form of water vapour in plants takes place?
  • (a) Photosynthesis (b) Transpiration
  • (c) Evaporization (d) None of these
  • Answer – (b) Transpiration
  • (9) Transportation of water from the roots to other parts of plant is done by tissue?
  • (a) Parenchyma (b) Sclerenchyma
  • (c) Phloem (d) Xylem
  • Answer – (d) Xylem
  • (10) Which are composed of nervous tissue?
  • (a) Brain (b) Spinal cord
  • (c) Nerves (d) All of these
  • Answer – (d) All of these
  • (11) Which tissue in plants provides them flexibility?
  • (a) Parenchyma (b)Sclerenchyma
  • (c) Collenchyma (d)Guard cells
  • Answer – (c) Collenchyma
  • (12) Name the muscular tissue that functions throughout life without fatigue–
  • (a) Stratified Muscle tissue (b) Unstratified Muscle tissue
  • (c) Cardiac Muscle tissue (d) None of these
  • Answer – (c) Cardiac Muscle tissue
  • (13) In desert plants, how does the rate of loss of water get reduced?
  • (a) Due to the presence of chlorophyll
  • (b) Due to the presence of cuticle on the surface of plants
  • (c) Due to presence of high temperature
  • (d) None of these
  • Answer – (b) Due to the presence of cuticle on the surface of plants
  • (14) Which blood cells deal with immune reaction?
  • (a) RBC (b) WBC
  • (c) Platlets (d) Plasma
  • Answer – (b) WBC
  • (15) Which cells are responsible for carrying messages?
  • (a) Muscle cells (b) Connective cells
  • (c) Blood cells (d) Nerve cells
  • Answer – (d) Nerve cells
  • (16) What is responsible for increase in girth of the stem or root?
  • (a) Apithelial meristem (b) Intercalary meristem
  • (c) Lateral meristem (d) None of these
  • Answer – (c) Lateral meristem
  • (17) A chemical substance with waterproof quality covering in plants –
  • (a) Cutin (b) Cell membrane
  • (c) Lignin (d) None of these
  • Answer – (a) Cutin
  • (18) Which tissue forms a barrier to keep different body systems separate?
  • (a) Connective tissue (b) Muscular tissue
  • (c) Epithelial tissue (d) None of these
  • Answer – (c) Epithelial tissue

(19) What are responsible for contraction and relaxation in the muscles ?

(a) Contractile Proteins (b) Sugars

(c) Water (d) None of these

Answer – (a) Contractile Proteins

  • (20) Which structure protects the plant body against the invasion of parasites?
  • (a) Parenchyma (b) Collenchyma
  • (c) Sclerenchyma (d) Epidermis
  • Answer – (d) Epidermis

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