Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle, A cycle in which Nitrogen converts in its various components by various natural processes. Nitrogen, A component of various proteins and amino acids which are present in animal’s body or human being’s body. Nitrogen is present not only in human body but it is also present in plants and soil. It is an essential nutrient for the plants and soil. very

It means Nitrogen is also essential for Environment as it is found almost every organisms. So let’s take a look on the chart how much percentage Nitrogen present in the environment.

Nitrogen Percentage in Environment

Nitrogen’s percentage is about 78%. And this abundant reservoir exists in a form unusable by most organisms. There are various microbial transformations,which make it available to plants and during the food chain it is available to animals also. Various steps are making it available to plants and animals.

Nitrogen Cycle’s steps are –  nitrogen fixation nitrogen assimilation, ammonification, nitrification, and denitrification.

How Microorganisms are playing an important role in Nitrogen Cycle ?

We will understand this question by Steps of Nitrogen Cycle –

1. Nitrogen Fixation

Nitrogen enters into the living world by the means of micro organisms which converts atmospheric nitrogen (N₂) into its components like nitrates and nitrites. This process is called nitrogen fixation. i.e. Conversion of atmospheric Nitrogen into nitrates and nitrites by the atmospheric and biological processes is known as Nitrogen Fixation.

N₂ (atmospheric nitrogen)   ——> NO⁻₂ (Nitrites) or NO₃⁻ (Nitrates)

Plants do not take atmospheric nitrogen directly so microorganisms like Rhizobium, which live normally in the roots of the plant or trees, converts it into usable form to be taken up by the plants.

2. Assimilation

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